Wubble - anagram word game

Wubble Anagram Word Game

I released this game about a 2 month ago and man what an experience. This game was for me a test to see if I could do it. Check it out http://www.mochimedia.com/games/wubble/

The Basis
Wubble was kinda of based off of this game my finance has for the Nintendo DS (the name escapes me right now), plus some ideas we were discussing while eating some conch fritters (mmm).

I can’t quite say if the design or the development took longer, but I did have many revisions on my initial layout. I actually cut back the original idea, which was to have many different scenes that the player could play, but due to time and work constraints I couldn’t.

Well this was my first flash based game and looking back and at my code, I’m now like, “Oh yea!, I can fix that!”. Yea there so much I want to fix with the code and make it small and lighter, sigh.

But again I’ve got many things going on. I think one of the most interesting things I discovered was that creating functions for the handling the array and scrambling the words took much much longer than I expected.

I also ported the game to facebook, but it was more or less an after thought late at night and to me not a great usage of the facebook api.

Now this is a very interesting topic. And one of which I would like to say that from my personal experience is that to make money with ads in your flash games then you better have alot of luck. Or you can do a clone of the most popular flash game out there. In the end I still feel that it works out for the best for developers to just try selling the damn game or getting sponsored.

It was a good experience and I quite enjoyed it and since then I’ve been trying to find time to start two other ideas I have for games. Until then try the game http://www.mochimedia.com/games/wubble/