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Wubble is now on the iPhone and iPad!

On Thursday 9th of September I read in the news that Apple changed their minds on the some of the rules, rules that affected Adobe Flash games and apps from being accepted to the App Store. And they change was for the good, Apple would now allow apps converted with flash cs5 to be submitted and accepted to the App Store. I was excited as I wanted to see if my game, Wubble would finally be on the App Store.

So I contact the guys who were doing the port (oneappatatime.com) that lunch time. And later that evening I got an e-mail from oneappatatime, that the game had been approved and it was now on the App Store.

I was totally shocked, and I still can’t believe the game is now published, but it is. Now it’s just trying to be seen in a sea of over 200,000 apps.

Here is the link to my game Download Wubble Now!