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A fresh design and approach to my blog

So I’ve finally launched my new version of my blog. It’s been awhile in the making but I’m really happy with the outcome. It should serve my needs of posting my thoughts and latest projects. I will do a more in depth article about my process behind the new blog design very soon.

Lloyd Conolly Fundraiser banner

Lloyd Conolly Fundraiser

This a banner and logo I did for my Cousin, Lloyd Conolly who fell ill last year with congestive heart failure. He is currently in Miami Florida receiving treatment and we hope that he can get a heart.

My uncle needed a banner for the Fundraiser they had and will continue to have to raise funds for his medical bills. I think he might want a website, so I might have a design to show soon for that. Now if only they (the world) will get inline with this stem cell research, then everyone that needs a heart could get one.