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Share your Game Character, Weapons and more

What would it be like if you could take your character from Modern Warfare 2 and play him in Uncharted 2? Or what would it be if you could trade weapons from MW2 to Uncharted 2? Now that would be very interesting experience, taking a character or weapon that has taken you hours to get and.. continue the game play somewhere else. Well here is how I think that would work.

First, in order for this to work game developers and publishers would have to write some hooks into their game in order to share elements. Of course not all elements would be shareable, these would be defined by the game developers. With these programmable hooks in place game developers can assign parameters for the shareable element (Weapon X – color: editable, power: editable range 1-10 etc.).

Now that the game elements have been defined and parameters allocated, access to the shareable menu is available. By going to a menu option inside of, let’s say MW2 called share game. The user would be presented with a screen with the various elements from MW2 that would be shareable. Users would have to be logged in at this point. Select the element you want to share, this in affect checks out this element to your ps3, wii or xbox profile. Export done.

Next from your console (and your web browser, for those gamers on the go) goto let’s say Uncharted 2. Once the game has started go to the menu option that says… share game. At this screen instead of sharing (exporting your game) you’ll want to chose import (add element). At this point the game will check your ps3, wii or xbox profile account to see if you have exported any elements and retrieve those elements. Once complete, users will see a list of characters, weapons and other elements. Once one of these elements are selected a more detailed view can be seen, in which users can change the pre defined parameters and settings i.e. change a weapon’s blast radius or change a character hair color, etc.

The possibilities are quite endless in terms of both game play and customization. Along with user satisfaction from the replay-ability of a game, users can generate and create content that could be sold and a pretty penny made from mico-transactions.