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On the fence with Bitcoin

Ever since I heard about Bitcoin I’ve been on the fence about the service. I’m not sure if it was because of the nature of how one acquired Bitcoins or the way the “currency” kept fluctuating in value, in either case I’ve always been on sure. I’ve read many sources of news about Bitcoin, about how it works, who started it and it’s current state. Two One things that I still feel I remain in the dark about are is:

  • Algorithms – in the mining process, what are these algorithms that are being cracked? I’ve since realised my misunderstand with this point, nothings being cracked, the algorithms are creating hashes.
  • Reversibile transactions – if I pay someone the wrong amount can I reverse it?

With that being said I still see some value in the idea, maybe not in it’s current state as Bitcoin, but with that of peer-to-peer cash systems. For one thing, living and working in the Caribbean it would become much easier to monetise your business along with buying and selling items online.

The major appeal of not having to hassle with banks or their additional hidden fees and chargebacks would be awesome. However with that said I think there’s something to be said about the secure feeling of dealing with a bank, an established institution. In the end though I wonder how the financial regulation systems will see this or even if it will be allowed to continue by governments, after all this would a perfect vehicle for money laundering. As time goes by I’m sure we’ll/I will learn more about it.


I’ve had this thought for awhile now about scaling a project or product, the economy of scale and the nature of how efficient things can be. However, as I’ve seen from my own experience, scaling up is relatively easy and inexpensive for larger markets but for smaller markets, like those in the Caribbean, it proves to be quite inefficient.

This is at least partially due to economies of scale – you can bring greater efficiency to a larger scale of operations, including better ability to negotiate with suppliers, better brand lift, and broader support for your solutions within the existing industry.

Within a small market, the efficiency is actually much lower, and the skepticism of consumers within that market is much higher. Double whammy.

Quote of Jamie Beckland’s answer to Why is it harder to dominate a small market than a large market?

Django domain alias in local development environment

Recently, while working on a new Django project I need to create two Django sites that referred to each other. One would be the main domain i.e. mysite.com and the other would be a subdomain i.e. hello.mysite.com. So I started wondering if there was a way to test this locally in my development environment, and after 2 days of searching online I really found nothing and started to think it was impossible.

However, after speaking with a good friend of mine, Chaz Hill, who happens to be a really kick-ass System Administrator he pointed me in the right direction. I was trying to do all this with Vagrant at the time but in this post I’ll show you how you can do it the normal way, through the shell.

Create your Django project and app, then launch the Django development server using port 80, this is the important part (even though I’ve been using Django for sometime now, it totally slipped my mine I could set the port to 80). Now if you tried running this without sudo – you will get an permissions error, the fix of course is to do this => sudo python manage.py runserver 

Pic of Django development server running in shell and in the foreground the hosts file.

Pic of Django development server running in shell and in the foreground the hosts file.

With the Django development server running, open your hosts file, /etc/hosts and add mysite.com – save the file and goto your browser and type mysite.com, you’ll happily see your Django site running 🙂


Finally tackling cleaning up my blog. Went for the default TwentyTwelve theme that comes with WordPress. I might “design” it later, but for right now I want to focus on building cool projects vs designing my blog. Plus with this cleaner version, it puts the emphasise on the content and not the design.