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Media Temple backup time

11 years to backup server!?

I must say this caught me initially, whilst setting up the cron on my server I noticed this on media temple’s default cron setup (by the way I love media temple’s service & support it’s the greatest). It’s seems that a backup script is set to run every… wait for it, 11 years 😐

Well it must be lack of sleep or the fact that I find setting up crons a chore but I was actually believing that it was 11 years until I found this, Using Cron which explains that crons can contain lists. So the number 6,21,36,51 in minutes is actually a list, and it means that the script should run in intervals every 6 minutes, then 21 minutes, 36 minutes and 51 minutes. Yup, I need some sleep.

Update: noonespecial via hacker news helped fill me in on some more info regarding cron,

A better way to say it is: “Four times per hour, every hour on the 6th minute, the 21st minute, the 36th minute and 51st minute.” If I’m not mistaken, media temple just wants to back up 4 times per hour and to keep from getting slammed at the quarters, they randomize a bit the defaults they hand out.

Thanks noonespecial

A fresh design and approach to my blog

So I’ve finally launched my new version of my blog. It’s been awhile in the making but I’m really happy with the outcome. It should serve my needs of posting my thoughts and latest projects. I will do a more in depth article about my process behind the new blog design very soon.

The truth about SEO, getting Traffic and being a Web Celebrity

While you might think that there is a trick or some awesome tip that will get you the hoards of followers or web visitors like Pete Cashmore’s http://mashable.com (@mashable) or have dedicated fans like Shaun Inman, http://shauninman.com (@shauninman) or have people hang on your every word like Paul Scrivens http://www.drawar.com (@drawar). The reality is that these guys, worked hard and that is definitely an under statement. Building traffic and becoming the next big name online, is no easy task. And frankly speaking there is no science behind it. It is really all about;

  1. Trust (http://mashable.com/2010/02/24/social-media-trust/)
  2. Work
  3. Patience
  4. Patience
  5. … did I mention Patience

That’s it, you have to work hard to build the best site you can. Putting the focus on your content and work hard to interactive with your users/readers, submitting it to sites that relate to your site’s topic or content. Email people you are fans of online, share your articles with them, ask questions.

After all this hard work though is, patience. It is the the ultimate ingredient to this mix of blood, sweat and tears. You have to religiously do these things everyday, in order to earn the trust from user/readers. It takes time.

Although there are some people that gain web fame quickly, it’s usually short lived. And if your looking for that key to success then, just upload a video of a cat juggling some mice, that’ll get you fame, but not forge a legacy in the temperamental world of the web.

Thanks to Drupal, my first TV interview

My first interview for work, on the national broadcast show, GIS Spotlight. Thanks to Drupal.

The site http://gis.ky was built over a period of 2-3 months, using Drupal. You can see a screengrab of it here. There are many services I have planned that will be coming online soon. It’s very exciting the possibilities that Drupal has allowed me to bring in into reality.

I know the video doesn’t go into the working of the site, in terms of Drupal and the modules used, but I might do a video or screencast on it. As soon as I get a break from doing the current web project.

The GIS website has;

So yes it’s been alot of work, tweaking and making sure everything , just worked.

GIS website

Cayman Islands Government Information Services Website

Early this year I pitched an idea to my workplace about finally doing our website. Being that we are a government agency and that we had never had a website there were going to be some challenges to overcome.

This is was going to be my first Drupal site so I had alot of learning to do and a short time to do it. In the end I found that Drupal was the tool that I was always looking for. See the site live here, Cayman Islands Government Information Services Website